Meeting you face to face // Kick - Para / Mini Para

Name: Meeting you face to face
Tagged: Nick Duval / Kurt Hummel
When/Where: afternoon - the reading room
Notes: Nick and Kurt meet face to face for the first time

Kurt had to chuckle as he saw Nick next to that tree. What a coincidence, eh? This place was so huge and he turned up here, that near.  This would spare them a lot of searching. Kurt closed the Laptop, saving the Word Document he had worked at while listening to music through headphones before that, and went to open the small window, waving and smiling at Nick who now came closer “Hey! Lucky us that this room isn’t upstairs, hm?” he said with a grin around his lips. He stepped aside a little, so that Nick could climb in. For a dead guy, he looked rather good. Kurt couldn’t imagine just how it must be to see one self as a rotting corpse. Nick must be scared all the time.

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